Creating an Anti-Racist Justice System

By Mural Arts Philadelphia (other events)

Saturday, March 28 2020 9:00 AM 3:00 PM EDT

The mass incarceration model has proven unjust, costly, and ineffective. As
jurisdictions grapple with the damaging effects, the most central challenge
remains in tackling the racism embedded in the system. In Philadelphia, and
around the country, racial disparities in the jail population have remained
unchanged despite significant reductions in our local jail populations overall.
Intractable problems of this scale require creative solutions. This workshop
will bring together researchers, artists, organizers, and policymakers to
conceptualize the future of American justice. We will ask all participants to
grapple with the question: “What would an anti-racist justice system look like?”
Together we will imagine a system that works for all and work backward to
identify concrete steps Philadelphia can take to move us towards a just and
anti-racist future.
Free to attend. Pre-registration recommended.
Lunch Provided. See back for additional details.
This program is part of the Reimagining Reentry Fellowship which Mural Arts is
administering with a grant from the Art for Justice Fund.